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Key Performance Factors

Used Diesel trucks can make you a lot of money with the right selection process. They are notoriously durable, reliable, fuel efficient and command respected power. Used Dodge Diesel trucks and their Cummins engines are perfect examples. There are certain aspects of their engineering that deserve your full attention to make sure that they are in their best conditions.


Emission System

Diesel Particulate (DPF) Filter and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve are one of the most common sources of issues for used Diesel trucks. Over the years, regulation changes have forced manufacturers to comply with the fight for cleaner and less overall emission which can affect certain generation of vehicles, especially when new technologies are introduced.


Rust Corrosion

Since Diesels are so reliable, they have been known to foster bad rust spots, especially the undercarriage. Rust is as inevitable as time itself, but proper maintenance routines will warrant chronic corrosion issues. If you cannot see under the vehicle with your own eyes then chances are that there is something hidden.


Application and Driving Habits

Differences between the vehicles can be drawn from previous owner’s habits whether they’re good or bad as well as the workload experienced by the vehicle. We would all prefer used Diesel trucks from a well-maintained and detail-oriented owner who had to rely on the vehicle for his or her business to function. Meaning that it should only show history of wearable parts replacements and consistent checkups rather than a one-in-a-while engine repair or transmission issues.

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