Vehicle Inspections

Importance of Vehicle Inspection

Why Get Your Car Inspected?

Stevo knows that a vehicle doesn’t just move you from point A to point B. It is a system of intricate mechanical parts and electronics that performs many functions simultaneously. Failure by a single point in that system could prove dangerous. Vehicle inspections performed by our certified and experience professionals is a window into the health of your car. Proper car inspection diagnoses potent false waiting to wreak havoc on the driver and its passengers. You and your passengers are most important to us, so we leave no leaf unturned when inspecting your cars.


Types of Inspections

There are actually a few different reasons for a vehicle inspection, the majority of them is for safety. It is paramount to have an idea of the car’s functionality and answer questions that will put the owner’s mind at ease especially before a long-distance drive. Are all parts in working order? Is there a faulty or damaged wiring somewhere you can’t see? Are there any leaks? Do the airbags work properly? and many more.

The second reason is for buying and selling. A well-inspected car will warrant a higher value and guarantees that neither party is being exploited with a faulty product. The third reason for a car inspection is for insurance. An old car will need to have vehicle inspections performed on it so that the insurer has the reassurance that the car in question will have all necessary work done on it to minimize potential malfunctions that will cause damage.