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HEMI engines are Chrysler-produced hemispherical combustion. Commonly HEMI engines have domed head cylinders while traditional cylinder heads are flat, but this is not always the case for the HEMI. The shape can output more power thanks to a higher compression ratio. Motorists who value power as well as efficiency benefits from a HEMI swap. Newer HEMI engines are seized at 5.7 liters therefore the jobs are more commonly referenced as a 5.7 HEMI swap. On its own, the HEMI is a valued purchase by many motorists today especially large performance trucks. Call us to see if you can get your hands on a 5.7 HEMI or 426 HEMI for sale.



Hemispherical combustion engines were developed in different parts of the world during their conception. Collective knowledge led to the owners of Welch Motor Car Company which Chrysler bought and discontinued development of the HEMI. Around the same time, Peugeot had developed its own HEMI which rekindled Chrysler’s interest in the engine.


Hemispherical design                                                       

HEMI engines boasts a supremely efficient combustion chamber which is known for their muscly power output. The design encapsulates efficiency through its domed pistons assisted by angled intake valves and twin spark plugs working together with the HEMI’s head surface designed specifically for maximum heat retention. What happens next is an engineering marvel in all-round contributions from the configuration. Maximizing power means burning all fuel injected which requires large air intake made possible by angled valve on either side which increase its size compared to a cramped inline valve design. Facilitating all that potential energy is the increased ignition zone from double spark plugs. Finishing it off is the HEMI’s above-average heat retention capability through its smaller-than-chamber head surface which safeguards the highest combustion temperature possible resulting in an efficiency monster of complete fuel explosion. No wonder the interest in Gen 3 HEMI swap and 5.7 HEMI cam swap are as popular as they are today.

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