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Quality You Can Rely On

Stevo Auto Clinic is where you should be when looking for German auto parts. We have been in business for over 50 years and our 3 generations’ worth of German car parts experience is ready to give your cars exactly what they need to run like new. Imported parts are expensive and could end up costing you more if handled by inexperienced technicians.

It is commonly known that German cars are over-engineered with complex technologies installed throughout. Performances of such cars combined with luxury design choices bring out a particular driving experience that had manage to charm motorists from all over the world. People living outside of Europe or Germany has to make a choice between imported parts or used parts every time their favourite German car come across an issue.


Advice You Can Depend On

We know German auto parts and you can expect transparent and straight forward advice, the choice is yours, but we won’t stop looking for your best interest. Salvaged German car parts tends to be in good quality since their owners take pride in owning a German-made vehicle.

Stevo Auto Clinic only choose the best, well-functioning and worry-free German car parts when offering consultation. If you spare no expense, we will fix it fast and proper. If you want cost-effectivity, then we’ll check our inventory and give you exactly what your car needs. Should it absolutely need replacement, we will let you know as well as possible repercussions that may occur if you choose to opt for used parts.

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