Used Transmission for Sale

Deep and Complicated Work

A transmission system is an extremely intricate piece of machinery and with the addition of modern technology, these already complex parts are even more so than ever. Used transmission is a consideration best left to professionals, if you yourself do not possess extensive knowledge of the inner workings on that system then consult a local experienced mechanic near you.


Transmission Replacement Options

When your transmission fails, and you’re only choice is to replace it there are a few ways to go about it. Used transmission salvaged from another car is the most cost effective and the only issue surrounding that is the trust worthiness of the supplier.

Stevo Auto Clinic provide only the best functioning used transmission that is a sure fit for your vehicle. Our reputation is on the line with every successful installation so contact us to see if we have a used transmission parts that is right for you.

Other possible venues include a rebuilt transmission that involves a full repair of your old system or another compatible one. Factory refurbished parts are often reliable but comes with a higher price tag. No matter the option, bear in mind that transmission work is highly complex and will take a long time.

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