Used Tires for Sale

Why Buy Used Tires?

Cost is the primary reason to get yourself used tires which means that there are trade off in terms of remaining lifespan of the tires and safety risks if you are not sure what to look for. Stevo Auto Clinic make the process a breeze, we inspect our used tires for proper tread depth, patches, defects and other signs that translate to driving risks. Basically, you pay less than the original price for tires that has anywhere between 90%-50% life remaining which could also help you to try out different tires.

Used tires are great deals at Stevo because we help you with all of the necessary information of the UTQG rating criteria. Tread wear, traction and temperature combined to evaluate a tire’s performance specifications which will vary according to your driving applications. You know exactly what you are getting when buying used tires from Stevo.

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