Used Wheels and Rims for Sale

Rims or Wheels

The wheel is the entirety of molded metal that holds a tire in place maintaining air pressure while the rim is the ring that the tire is mounted on. Wheels are usually molded out of a single piece of steel for strength as it must withstand the entire weight of the vehicle including driver, passengers and any load put on it.

Parts of the wheel can also be made from metal alloys that are put together to produce a solid wheel. Rims are used interchangeably for wheels by people in the auto industry as well as hobbyist and enthusiasts.


Used Rims to Look For

Used wheels made from steel with minor bents can be repaired by a mechanic, cracks in the wheel structure would warrant a replacement either by another used wheel or a brand new one if you don’t mind the price tag. Used rims with metal alloy components can crack under pressure and is better off with a replacement. For functionality, used rims will yield better value overall in the long run.

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