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The JZ engines are a series of inline-6 produced by Toyota popularized by their favourable displacement, robust internal, high power output and prominent aftermarket support. Stevo auto clinic has the skills and experience to deliver excellent work on your 1JZ or 2JZ swaps. If you are in the market for procurement, give us a call to see if our stock has 1JZ or 2JZ engines for sale. Since we are a specialist in imports, we’ll be more than happy to assist you with your JDM import motors or engines inquiries. For an all-in-one solution, consult our knowledgeable team of service staff and mechanics to see if a 2JZ swap is right for your vehicle. Then see if we have a 2JZ for sale and have all of that done under one roof, saving much of your precious time.


The JZ Engine Legacy

While the JZ series of engines were already a hit among JDM fans and had pushed demands for 2JZ and 1JZ swaps into a prevalent market. Its popularity proliferated to new heights with the original Fast & the Furious film’s iconic orange custom Toyota Supra powered by a 2JZ-GTE engine. Since then, interests in Japanese import engines experienced a continuous rise. Jobs like 350z 2JZ swaps, E46 2JZ swaps and 2JZ FRS swaps became numerous and workshops with skilled mechanics experienced in those tasks were and still highly sought after. Nowadays, JZ engines earned its place as a recognizable household name within the drag racing and drifting community.

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