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Get the Most Out of Your Filters

Automotive filters were never designed to be permanent and while most are meant to be replaced. There are some that could be carefully cleaned out once or twice to help extend their lives further.

Used filters are not literal in that sense but they are salvages that still has functional integrity and could perform very well with proper touch ups. Like any used auto parts. Used filters must be inspected thoroughly by a well-trained technicians in order to judge their value and performance.


Air Filter

These filters are your engine’s protective masks as they prevent small contaminants like insects, dust particles, tiny specs of rocks and similar debris from wreaking havoc inside the interior of your engines as well as maintain good air-fuel ratio. Take good care of these because a malfunctioning air filter can increase the chance of an expensive repair.


Oil Filter

Engines must be well-lubricated so that they can pump out every precious horsepower available and keep your car doing what they were meant to do. Oil filters should be replaced regularly as they are the vanguard of common engine wear and tear.


Fuel Filter

A good air-fuel ratio needs non-contaminated fuel to be injected into the engine and keep it running year after year. These filters must be maintained regularly to keep your car performing at its peaking level and eliminate preventable costly repairs.


Cabin Filter

These keep particulates out of your lungs and help increase the life of your air conditioning system. They will not reduce the car’s ability to function, just your ability to breathe and be comfortable so used filters for your cabin can be a practical solution.

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