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Introduction to LS engines

If you are familiar with LS swap or LS engine swap, then no introduction is needed for this hall-of-famer family of engines. For those whose interest were piqued, let Stevo bring you up to speed.



The LS based small-block engine is the primary V8 used in General Motors’ line of rear-wheel-drive cars and trucks introduced back in 1995. The LS small-block has been manufactured in three generations, noticeably the Gen III’s Y-block design that its predecessors did not have. The design increased the rigidity and allowed a snap-fit cross-bolting configuration that greatly increases the rigidity of the block and crankshaft.


Size and weight

The LS family of engines is known for their smaller proportions when compared to their competitors’ which makes them a much easier to fit in cars with small engine bays. Another clear reason why LS swaps are so prevalent in the aftermarket.



Computing technology was used to test the effects of varying port lengths which resulted with the best head design according to performance data. When it comes to modification, the LS engine is known to experience dramatic increase in horsepower with just a simple cam swap. Combined that with its ability to produce good, usable torque at low rpm and good power at higher rpm, LS engine for sale exploded onto the market thrusting LS swap jobs into mainstays for hobbyist and enthusiasts alike.


Aftermarket support

Once LS engines became widespread, an extensive selection of swap kits soon arrived. After the fact, LS engines found themselves within the engine bays of practically almost any automobile on the market hence the boom for LS swaps. Be it rx8, s10, e46, c10, 350z, e30, or g35 LS swaps, provided that you find the right shop and the right engine it could all take place. To magnify its flexibility, you could even do bmw, mustang, Jeep or Subaru LS swaps. The answer to your question of the best car for LS swaps is simply a call away.

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