Engines Rebuilds

Used vs. Rebuild

The difference between a used engine and a rebuilt engine is in the depth of disassembly. Used engines would have only the have work done on external and key internal parts to be able to reach its normal functionality. Engine rebuilds deal with completely taking the engine apart, clean and replace any parts deem necessary then reassemble everything back together in working order.

The scope of the work increases dramatically and as anyone would be able to guess, it is not unfair to say that getting yourself a good deal on rebuilds is like gambling. That is because of the subsurface nature of rebuild works which does not fare well against untrained eyes.

There will come a time when you simply have to get your hands on another engine. While new engines will work worry-free after proper installation conditions, most of us will choose the more cost-effective way to replace our engines. Used are highly sought after and are traded at a steady pace especially with the popular ones so since time is of the essences when it comes to engine replacement, Stevo offer engine rebuilds solution you can trust. Since we are the German care expert you can rest assured that you have found the right shop when it comes to VW or Porsche engine rebuild specialists to rely on.

Things to Keep in Mind

Seek Experienced Assistance

When checking out a rebuild, don’t go at it alone unless you are well-versed in the matter. Even so, we suggest you arrange for someone you know and can trust that has extensive automotive knowledge. Having a second perspective and another pair of eyes can be invaluable when looking for clues to determine the quality of the rebuild.


Worth the Effort

Shops that offer excellent rebuilds at valued prices are honest, passionate and service-minded at heart. Engine rebuilds are not easy and the shops that will actually take the time to care for an engine and make sure it reaches its full potential are incredibly sincere at heart.