Auto Modifications

Stevo Knows Car Modification

Investing in your dream car can be one of the most rewarding experience. Therefore, it is reasonable that customizations of that vehicle are to be expected especially in cases where love for the car is a passion. Stevo Auto Clinic will guide you through the modification process and balance your needs with what is permissible by law. Trust Stevo when it comes to car modifications so that you can drive with confidence knowing we took care of all details.


Auto Modifications to Be Aware Of

Tinted Windows

Materials that are transparent, translucent or opaque should be avoided when it comes to windshield and side windows. Automotive glass is designed to shatter in a way that circumvents the shards from forming large debris.



If you are not on a motorcycle or a moped, you must have two functioning headlamps on both sides of your vehicle. The light must be white with the bulb and lens made of clear and untinted glazing.



Your taillamps must be capable of emitting red light that is visible from at least 150 meters away from the rear of your vehicle.



Excessive noise, flames and sparks are not permissible. There is also a prevention of operating an internal combustion engine vehicle that have had its exhaust widened as well.


License Plates

Obscured license plates are illegal. Plates must be visible at all times and do not have any type of cover whether clear or smoked. Anything that distorts the visibility of license plates should be avoided.

Looking to add more power?
Want to make you vehicle unique?

Stevo Auto Clinic offers the following:

  • ECU Flash
  • Brake Upgrade
  • Wheels and Tires
  • Supercharger installation
  • Turbo upgrade and installation
  • Body Kits
  • Seats
  • Gauges
  • Engine Rebuild
  • Engine Swap
  • Rims and tires