Diesel Engines for Sale

How It Works

A diesel engine works by igniting the fuel through elevated temperature of the air due to compression. It is also known as CI engines or Compression Ignition engines. Petrol and gas engines use spark plugs to ignite their air-fuel mixture. The Diesel engine has the highest thermal efficiency when compared to other practical external or internal combustion engines.


Pros and Cons

Diesel Goodness

The major advantage of a diesel is the fact that they deliver more power from the same volume of fuel used when compared to petrol and gas engines. Translating that to money means you will be saving more with a diesel under your hood. By design, a diesel engine is required to produce more torque thus making them fantastic choices at towing. Under the same principle, diesels perform comparatively better when fully loaded which increases their appreciation in the transportation and logistics industry. Combine those facts with its longer life span, diesel engines are generally slower in value depreciation. A used diesel engine for sale can make you more than enough money to pay for itself in the long run.



Due to their advantages, the price tags of diesel engines for sale run higher as well. Affect by the price are their service quotations since diesels work harder and last longer, they command higher value when a service is needed. Diesel engines are known to have loud roars as they are mostly concerned with moving the load than delivering a calm and relaxing ride. They also need to be worked regularly to keep their DPF (diesel particulate filter) from clogging while idle. Each DPF replacement can lighten your wallet by quite a bit as well.


Stevo’s Diesel Engines

We have extensive experience with the Duramax and Cummins families of diesel engines. We can help you get your hands on diesel engines for sale to maximize your value in what ever project you have in mind. Be it smoking your competition in plumes of exhaust or empowering your load-heavy business, we’d love to hear from you.

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