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What Are JDM Cars?

Japanese Domestic Market or JDM, covers auto vehicles, parts and peripherals designed to conform to Japanese regulations and appeal to Japanese market. While Japanese manufacturing techniques and engineering philosophy are synonymous with the global car industry, JDM cars embody many eccentricities of Japanese automotive culture.

JDM cars experience much less mileage when compared to vehicles from other regions. Consumers in the market value innovation more than longevity which compel manufacturers to prioritize investments in new technologies and designs first in the domestic market. 2004 was when JDM imports came crashing into Canada as legendary vehicles like the 1989 Nissan Skyline GT-R became eligible for importation.


JDM Cars in the Present

A common misconception of the term is that JDM cars are Japanese cars produced in Japan which is an inaccurate depiction. JDM cars are vehicles made with the intent of being sold in Japan by following all of the county’s rules and regulations all the way up to the design as well as conceptualization processes. Japanese import cars are among the most enjoyable to modify as their designs were aim at ease of inspection, simplicity in exchanging parts and explosive performance uninhibited by a long lifespan expectation. Stevo auto clinic can help you turn your JDM import into an impressive visual spectacle with enough power to dust your competition.

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