Duramax Engines for Sale

Why Opt for Used Duramax?

DMAX, a joint venture between GM and Isuzu produced the Duramax V8 engines found in Chevrolet and GMC back in 2001. It is capable of outputting more torque than other diesel engine types. As icing on the cake, they possess superior durability and fuel efficiency making it one of the most reliable diesel platforms. With pedigree like that, it is not hard to imagine the popularity of the used Duramax market.


Considerations for a Duramax Swap


Used Duramax engines are extremely robust in diesel-favored applications such as all-purpose tow vehicles, marina-specific boat towers and some racing events and as well as impressive show cars.



Your Duramax swap would not even get off the ground without compensating for the massive torque. Therefore, the drivetrain is the first upgrade that should be on the table.


Engine Control Module

Equally as important would possibly be an ECM that is suited for the targeted use of your vehicle. Powerful engines need effective electrical management between all of their peripheral components. They also call for the right ECM that articulates the best performance aimed at specific tasks, ensuring your used Duramax investment yields incomparable result.

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