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Used Nissan for Sale


Lower Perception, Similar Reliability

Nissan’s 2018 shift towards EVs stapled their dedication to the electric vehicle industry with their sales surpassed only by Tesla. Notable for their affordable high-performance sports car, the powerful all-wheel-drive sports coupe GT-R. When compared to their competition in the likes of Toyota and Honda, Nissan’s appreciation value drops significantly considering how dominant those two brands have been. This mean that used Nissans are great deals for the value received. That value is still on the incline with every generation of used Nissan hitting the second-hand market.


Notable Model

Used Nissan Altima are their mid-range semi-luxury sedan between the lesser Sentra and upper Maxima. The third generation Nissan Altima was also a success from its superior handling and produced power when compared to their competition at the time. The fourth generation of used Nissan Altima came with smart keys for the first time coupled with parking camera and Bluetooth connectivity. Receptions according to the latest sixth generation reviews have fared favourably citing improved technology, visual impact and better drive feel.

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