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Stevo Auto provides you with the best solution for your LT1 swaps along with sale of this renowned engine. The cost effectivity for an LT1 swap is difficult to compete. The work can prove challenging, but lucky for you we have fifty years of experience under our belt so give us a call to see if an LT1 swap is right for you.



LT1 engines were small-block, eight-cylinder engines produced by Chevrolet exclusive to the Corvette and Camaro in relatively low quantities. The LT1 was also available in the Corvette both as an engine option and as part of the high-performance ZR-1 option. Bear in mind that only 53 ZR’s were produced between 1970 and 1972 making it one of the rarest Corvettes around. The LT1 engine is regarded today as one of the greatest small-block engines from Chevrolet. The legacy of this item makes for a ripe niche market in the field of used LT1 engine for sale.


Unique Cooling Design

The LT1 engine employed a reversed cooling design. The cylinder heads are cooled first then the block making it so that there are no water passing through the intake manifold. The design provides an increase in compression ratios and ignition timing which translates to higher performance making LT1 engine swap that much more desirable.

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