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Reliability Guaranteed

The engine is the heart of an automobile and Stevo auto clinic takes it seriously. We understand that buying an engine is a big investment, so we have been constantly improving the process throughout our long trust-worthy history. Stevo’s expert team of mechanics are ready to help you find you a perfect fit for your solution from our stock of engines for sale. Every item was rebuilt to produce a long-lasting performance that compliments a motorist’s driving experience. We provide you with transparent access to information on their specifics such as mileage and warranty, so you can be assured that your decision will be made with confidence.


The Time to Buy

Stevo welcomes hobbyist and enthusiasts alike that are looking for superior engines for sale at a competitive price through a no-nonsense procedure. If you know what you are looking for, be certain that we will help you get your hands on it. On the other hand, if your engine is experiencing increased oil consumption, pooling of oil under the vehicle or strange sounds are coming from your engine then give us a call. You might be in a position of considering an engine change. In which case our service team, mechanics, and used engines for sale stock is at your service.


Engine Types

Our product line of motors for sale consists of LS engines, Cummins engines, Hemi engines, 1JZ / 2JZ engines and Diesel engines that includes Duramax engines as well as Cummins engines. Give us a call and we will help you find your solution even if it was not on the list. Stevo believes customer service excellence that every customer should receive.

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