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Used Subaru for Sale


Safety First

Used Subaru vehicle has a small but very loyal following thanks to its dedication to motorist safety. Their mid-sized and smaller cars come with their signature symmetrical all-wheel-drive drive train with some exceptions.

Subaru’s introduction of CAN bus back in 2005 allowed their various microcontrollers and devices to communicate without the need of a host computer increasing their powertrain communication as a result. Three years later they include EyeSight diver assistance and safety system which differs from competitors’ radar-oriented technology by utilizing top windshield mounted dual CCD cameras. Adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning and the essential pre-collision braking were enhanced by the EyeSight system.

Fans looking for a used Subaru are hooked for their success in many rally racings circuits where durability and safety are at the forefront. Newcomers to the brand should definitely feel the cool technological advancements and rugged allure of rallies in used Subarus.


Notable Models

Winner of Motor Trend magazine’s Sports/Utility of the year in 2009 can be found in used Subaru Foresters. Four-wheel drive station wagon capability can be expected in most used Subaru Outback. Used Subaru Impreza enjoy themselves as one of the lowest depreciating sedans thanks to their all-wheel drive layout since late 1990’s.

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