Mounting and Balancing

Tire Mount and Balance

When to Have Your Tires Looked At

Proper mount and balance on all tires of a vehicle is crucial to performance and savings. The obvious reasons to change your tires are either because of the treads or old man winter is knocking on your door again. Tire rotation is another part of getting the most out of your rubber. Stevo’s mount and balance routines make sure you get the most out of your money with the intention of long-lasting service..


What Properly Mounted and Balanced Tires Do for You?

Your treads will be worn out much slower when professionally mounted and aligned. This will also have a positive effect on your suspension and provide a quality driving experience. Balanced tires eliminate weight discrepancies that could potentially cause a wide range of issue to your vehicle. Smooth handling and soft ride as well as longer lasting tires are expected when proper mount and balance techniques are applied.


A Little More Than Just Mounting and Balancing

Prices will vary by the size of your vehicle, the diameter of your rims, whether or not you are replacing your tires and replacements of valve stems. Be careful if your vehicle has TPMS sensors because they are easily broken by untrained hands. Most shops won’t cover these breakages and you will have to fork out cash for someone else’s mistake. Tire disposal is something to consider if you are not planning to recycle those four rubber cylinders into potting plants or a children’s swing in your back yard. There is a fee involved in making sure those tires are dealt with through appropriate channels.