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The Year

The Ram truck’s release in 2020 garnered mixed reviews from drivers and critics but amongst the driver themselves there are a consensus, they love their 2020 Ram.

A few years from now these models could prove to be great deals but right now there are a few years of used Dodge trucks that we should be aware of. Mainly stay away from the 2014 Ram trucks as they have been known to have various issues within their initial years on the road.


2018 Used Dodge Trucks

Ram trucks had already been separated from the Dodge brand at this point, but the 2018 Ram trucks are still associated with Dodge when drivers are looking into the market.

The connectivity and entertainment system were greatly improved, combined with powerful towing capability and reliable engine as well as drivetrain system. That made the 2018 into a great deal to buy considering that depreciation value would have been at their lowest already.

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