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With its iconic Beetle, Volkswagen had been in production since 1937 delivering quality German automotive engineering all over the world. It is clear that they know how to foster cost effectivity since their biggest market is in China where they received 40% of sales and profits. Used Volkswagens are the choice for people looking into the second-hand market for a bit of above average interior, feel and driving experience.


Notables and Allocades

Have a look at used Volkswagen Tiguan for their remarkable status of 2020’s overall best-selling car as well as the number one selling SUV in the European market. Anyone in search for a maneuverable compact vehicle with a rich history should pay attention to used Volkswagen Beetles. Unmistakable for their signature appearance that had its design finalized by Ferdinand Porsche himself. Winner of the World Car of the year in 2009 can be found in used Volkswagen Golf’s Mk6 model and again in 2013 with their Mk7.

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