Think Used Audi, Think Stevo

One of the Great German Car Brands

Being in the top 3 manufacturers coming out of Germany, used Audi offers indulgence into German-made polish at a lower entry price. Premium interior design and materials, sophisticated electrical technology systems as well as prized safety features can be expected even from a significantly used Audi. It is also much to the buyer’s delight to know that the majority of value depreciation occurs within the first few years of use. Stevo is aware of this and is always on the lookout for a used Audi with just the right balance of mileage and price tag.


Notable Models

Used Audi A4 are most sought after, offering the most reliability and high safety ratings. The compact crossover SUV line of used Audi Q5 which automatically shift their center of gravity higher when roof racks are mounted. Used Audi q7 line of mid-size SUV while being predecessors of the Q5 scored a perfect 5 starts in front and side impacts by the NCAP.

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