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Stevo Auto Clinic have been in Calgary’s German used cars business for half a decade. We have extensive experience with brands like Volkswagen, Audi and BMW. When talking about German vehicles, the most prolific of producers are Mercedes and Porsche. Having stocks of German cars for sale mean that we are proficient with importing parts from overseas. Browse our stock with confidence because we made sure there are none that we won’t drive or used ourselves.


Expert Mechanics and Service Staff

The most efficient approach, however, is to make use of what you already have. German used cars for sale can be salvaged for parts or purchased as a whole. Our mechanics possess all-encompassing skills in dealing with restoration, modification, upgrade, repair as well as inspections. We have serviced all manner of states that German used cars find themselves in, supported by friendly and courteous service staff safeguarding your every need throughout the process. Look through our vehicle history and be rest assured that your every bid with Stevo is a smart bid.


One-Stop Solution for German Used Cars

We Solve It Before You Find It

Every German car for sale that goes through our workshop have been through rigorous inspections so that the only things left to worry about are the regular wear & tears and maintenances.


We Fix It When You Run Into It

Procuring parts for German used cars can sometimes be long and arduous depending on the make and model. You can trust Stevo to look out for your best interest and advise you on the best course of action because sometimes waiting a factory part is the only logical thing to do and we’ll happily let you know why.

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